Gallica’s latest Treasure Hunt — Jan. 19th, 2015

Only two weeks after the latest release of latin manuscripts, the Bibliothèque nationale de France has posted this morning, in its digital library Gallica, sixteen manuscripts of the « latin » and « nouvelles acquisitions latines » (NAL) collections.

I can’t give an account on every manuscript that this huge institution digitizes on a daily basis : many of them are outside my own field of knowledge and, even if I can admire them, it is with a naive child’s eye. Thus, I’ve decided to focus here only on latin manuscripts dated from the ninth century or prior. The last release, on January 5th, didn’t include any of that sort, and I only mentioned it on twitter.

Among today’s release however are three manuscripts dated from the IXth century or prior :

  • Paris, BNF, NAL 1114(1), an absolutely fascinating collection of fragments of an antiquissimus latin manuscript.
  • Paris, BNF, NAL 1598, a patristic homiliary with beautiful painted initials, from Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire abbey, Fleury, s. VIII. It is a membrum disjectum of Orléans, BM, 154 (131) : that one is not digitized (yet), but a series of photographs of its decoration can be found in the Bibliothèque Virtuelle des Manuscrits Médiévaux (BVMM), here.
  • Paris, BNF, NAL 1575, of Eugippius’s Augustinian florilegium. This work was an inspiration for Florus of Lyon, when he later realised himself a wide compilation of Augustinian excerpts commenting Paul’s epistles.

As for the thirteen other « Paris BNF » latin manuscripts released today, here are their shelfmark and link to their digitization. I also copy-paste the short indication of content provided by Gallica — which in my experience is sometimes accurate, sometimes far less, but it gives a hint of what’s inside anyway :

  • latin 1183Horae ad usum Parisiensem
  • latin 3646 Petrus de Pennis
  • latin 9533Augustinus, Enarrationes in Psalmos 29-36
  • latin 12667 and latin 12678Recueil de pièces sur l’histoire de divers monastères bénédictins, formé au XVIIe et au XVIIIe s. et intitulé Monasticon benedictinum
  • latin 14782 — Évangiles
  • latin 15995 — Cas des décrets par Barthélemy de Brescia
  • latin 16204Tractactus diversi super scientias phisicas et astrologicas
  • NAL 345Boccace (Jean). Traité sur les montagnes, les forêts, etc.
  • NAL 1994Registres de notaires de Saint-Geniès-d’Olt (Aveyron). II Johannes Nigri. Années 1432-1441
  • NAL 2290Beatus. Commentaire sur l’Apocalypse
  • NAL 3197Horae ad usum Romanum, dictae Heures de Comeau. Miniature

Pierre Chambert-Protat

Philologue. Assistant au département des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Apostolique Vaticane.

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